In Aug 2009 we left Cantana on the hard in Italy and flew to Salvador, Brazil. As skipper and crew we equiped and sailed an almost new Leopard 46 ft catamaran Sy Betame to Trinidad, in all about 2700 miles. Started sailing from Salvador in mid Dec, via French Guyana and Suriname and arrived Tobago end February. For slideShows see below.

Our new home until further. Sy Betame Salvador from sea side.
The famous elevator up to the old town. With a nice view. One of the many many beaches around Salvador ... ... with the whole southern Atlantic to swim in at 27 deg C.
Blue sky, blue sea, sand beach, palmtree and a girl. Nice eh !

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro facing north.....

.... facing south...

..... and facing from Sugar Loaf.

The cable car up to Sugar Loaf.

A fantasic view over Rio from Corcovado 700 m over sea.

Travelling inland Brazil, about 500 km from the coast .....

Big hugs from Corcovado and really beautiful Rio !

......with rivers and waterfalls. Here time for a real shower with power massage, 85 meter high.

......we found a diifferent landscape, very mountainious ......

Flowers, flowers, flowers, lovely flowers ....

......but also very very green with lots of bushes and trees, with a myriad of flowers, birds, insects and monkeys.

Brazil, a country of contrasts, here small fishing "boat", big ship ......

....... poor mans sailing boat and rich mans high rise.
Really, there is a Sankta Claus also in the southern hemisphere. Passing the equator ... ... giving King Neptune his share (and the captain)

With a stop at Iles de Salut, the old prison islands outside French Guyana, there I could escape like Papillion ...

...not on cocos nuts but with Sy Betame

In Surinams jungle we saw many wild animals, here our favourite, the "lazy monkey". After 2500 miles arriving at last to clear blue water in Tobago at Feb 24. Only 60 miles from Trinidad, we left Sy Betame very disappointed due to disagreement about money with the owner Mustafa. After a holiday in Tobago we flew back to Cantana in Italy, see next page.

Slideshows :

1-2. Salvador,

3. Rio de Janeiro

4. Lencois

5. Chapada.

6-10. Salvador- Fortaleza

11 - 12. To French Guyana

13 - 14 To Suriname, Tobago