In beginning March we flew back to Cantana 3, resting on the hard in Crotone, Italy. During the winter the boat yard have sand (slurry) blastered her, removing all old anti-foul since many years build-up.

Lovely to be back onboard a monohull, a real sailing yacht !

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Returning to Crotone, Italy from Tobago, West Indies, what a difference !!! Enjoying the very free and "creative" car parking ... ... and the beautiful fruit + veggie market. Also enjoying sanding / filling, sanding / filling, sanding, applying 6 layers of epoxy ...
... and finally applying 5 layers of CopperCoat giving a chocolate color.
Sailing direct to our favorite city Siracusa in Sicily. Here in evening light ... In the mornings visiting the splendid fish and veggie market. Taking the bus up to the old beautiful city Noto, an UN heritage city.
...again enjoying a sunset in the Med.
Beautiful Vulcano island north of Sicily is sligthly active ... ... can I fill our gas bottles here? Stromboli island Its not bad with a house, also ? On the way up to the vulcano, 916 m over sea level
At the top after 3 hours HARD trekking ! Back to our favorite city Siracusa. Here with our friend Sy Rondinara.
In mid Oct we sailed to the very nice and new Marina di Ragusa in southeast Sicily. This will be our winter port for 2010/11. 25 km from the marina is the beautiful main city of Ragusa. One of many beautiful entrees to a house.
The beautiful old part of Ragusa called Ibla. The gorgeous inland of Sicily
Wishing you all a Fantastic 2011 !
One of the many nicely decorated houses in Ragusa - Ibla