For 2011 and 2012 we intend to just sail up to Rome and Tuscani, over to Corsica and Sardinia, further to Aeolian islands and most likely return to Sicily in October.
Beautiful Sicily with the snowclad vulcano Etna in the background
One of several small vulcanos in Etna
One of several small vulcanos at Etna and ..
… and one huge  vulcano crater
Unusual morning fog at Porto Palo in SE of Sicily
The entrance to Siracusa, our favorite city in Italy.
Holiday in Camigliatello, southern Italy
Visiting the wonderful daily market with fresh fish.......
Cantana3 has got a 3 weeks make-up below and over waterline and is now very shiny.
....fresh jumbo shrimps...
Dinghy captain and admiral
….and fresh veggies
Our floating mobile home….
Strait of Messina in morning morning 05.00
 ….being on the hard for some 10 days in Crotone, Italy.
When not working in the heat, eating. Here lunch ....
 ….and here dinner with mussels cooked in wine, mini tomatoes and garlic
The CopperCoat story after 2 years
When not working in the heat, eating. Here lunch ....
Holiday in fantastic Gerace, southern Italy
Vulcano island. Italy, just lazy active

Big and fantastic beautiful !!
Big and fantastic beautiful 2 !!
Back "home" for the winter in Marina di Ragusa.