In August 1993 Cantana3 started sailing west from Turkey. Sailed via Greece, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Canaries andarrived to S:t Lucia, West Indies Dec 27, 1993. Celebrated New Year in Bequia. Click to enlarge any pics

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Beautiful Santorino island, Greece Ustica island north of Sicily
Datcha, Turkey working with the SMT Handbook with Cantana for anchor.
My daughter Mia enjoying the rain in Spain for 2 weeks. Ibiza Island, already then very expensive port Big smile between Gibraltar and the Canaries Porto Mogan, Canaries before taking off with the crew Ayfer and Rogert.
Celebrating Sankta Lucia at Dec 13 during the crossing
The Atlantic Now working on the PCB Handbook The Atlantic
After 21 days finally arriving in S:t Lucia, W.I. Enjoying the New Year swim...
Rolling, rolling with two genuas Even Sankta Claus found us in the Atlantic
A lovely squall and ...
...and the party Dec 31 in Bequia island, W.I.
... rainbow in Bequia island