In 1994 Cantana3 sailed to most islands in the West Indies inclusive Trinidad and Venezuela (where we stayed 6 months). From Caracas we flew to Lima in Peru and further up to the city of Cusco in the Andes. From there train and bus to Macco Piccu. Back to Venezuela celebrating Xmas.

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Antigua, W.I. Antigua from Shirley Heights. Rom and Steelband every Sunday, GREAT ! The once Swedish island S:t Bartholomene (S:t Barts)
Systembolaget in S:t Barts? Fresh water shower in Domenica island Famous Mystique island where the famous are (and we) Nurse sharks in Mayreau
Meeting inidians in inland Venezuela Cumana, Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
Helping catching and eating fish and lobster in the island Herradura outside Venezuela The last of the bus trip to Maccu Piccu, Peru Maccu Piccu
Looking down at Maccu Piccu
Lamas Looking down (Obs Ayfer right corner) At the top of the suger top mountain, 2700 m over sea.
Trying to swap hats Ayfer had success with new hat Celebrating Lucia Dec 13 1994 with my daughter Anneli and friends at Blanquilla island outside Venezuela.
The suger top overlooking Maccu Piccu