In Feb 1995 we repainted all blue stripes in Puerto la Cruz , Venezuela and made Cantana3 shiny and beautiful again. Started sailing west again to ABC islands, San Blas islands and arrived Panama in April. After the canal further to Galapagos and then the longest but easiest trip 3100 miles in 21 days to Hiva Oa in French Polynesia. Enjoyed many islands as Ahe, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea before Tonga and Fiji. Came to Coffs Harbour in Australia in Nov and sailed further south to Sydney. Stayed there 4 lovely months.

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On the hard in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela Lots of guests in los Roques Carneval time in Curaso, GREAT fun !
From Curaso a tough sail to San Blas 700 miles
Lots of beauties !
Every morning fresh flyfish for breakfast Lovely San Blas islands
A paradise - San Blas islands, Panama Some 125 islands to visit
Cuna indians in an Blas islands, Panama
Panama canal
Passing the equator for first time
Old turtle on Galapagos (to the left....) First landfall in Hiva Oa, French Polynesia ...
... there Paul Gauguan is resting
Harvesting black pearls Tahiti, VERY nice view Moorea, even better
Where is the opening in the reef?
Gorgeous Bora Bora More of Bora Bora, wish we could stay One of many sunsets at sea
Beautiful sunset in Tonga
One of our friends was very unlucky when arriving Coffs Harbour, Australia The Opera house in Sydney Iron bridge, Sydney