In 1996 Cantana3 sailed from Sydney in March up to Barrier Reef and Thursday islands to Darwin. Enjoying many of the islands in Indonesia and finally arrived to Sebana Marina in southern Malaysia in October. Sebana is located just cross the strait to Singapore, meaning we once a week visited Singapore.

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Even from the zoo can you see the Opera house
Frazer island
Frazer island, the biggest sand island
Beautiful Whitsunday islands Beautiful Whitsunday islands
Lots of dinners !
Darwin with 8 m tide ... ... and crocks Eat or be eaten
Even more dangerous - Comodo dragon in Indonesia
Bali island, Indonesia
The small Manburit island, where we get a very warm welcome
Penoh island - one of many small fishing viliages
Singapore slings at Raffles Hotel
Lovely Sebana Marina in southern Malaysia, just across from Singapore....
Where can you find these signs? Singapore of course
...where we stayed here 6 lazy months....
... incl Christmas 1996/97