In April 1997 Cantana3 departed from Sebana marina in southern Malaysia. Sailed up the west coast to Langkawi where we stayed during the wet and hot season. Travelled by flight, bus and bike around to Nepal and northern Thailand. From October we started sail around Thailand, returning once a month to Malaysia because of visa regulations (max one month in Thailand) and because Langkawi is taxfree! In Januari 1998 we stated longsailing west again.

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The hot and rainy season we spent in Rebak marina in Langkawi, Malaysia refreshing us likes this. Most shops are run by chinese One of many Buddha tempel
In June we flew up to Kathmandu in Nepal .... ...visiting more tempels... ...meeting wonderful faces
... and like this
Taking "taxi" to the southern part of Nepal... ... watching rhinos ...
... from the safe elephant back Taking bus to Pokara in the north, here watching AnaPurna, 8000 over sea level
Faces of Nepal
Faces of Nepal
In the very northern Thailand we visited the "Longnecks" . The necklace is made of brass, 2-3 kg.
Meeting refugees from Mongolia
Back to northern Thailand "enjoying" ? different food at the market, like grilled bamboo worm, grashoppers, frogs etc all very fresh of course.
Sailed up to Thailand in October
Note different eye colors
Sailing around in fantastic islands
Often small nice wind ...
... welknown for excellent diving
My daughter Mia at Similan islands....... Celebrating Xmas and New Year in Phuket
... but also windless days