In mid January 1998 Cantana3 departed from Phuket, Thailand heading for Cochin in India. After some 3 weeks we continued to Salalah in Oman and furhter into the windy Red Sea to Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt. After transiting the Canal further to Cyprus and finally returned to Turkey.

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Outside India we met these fishing boats, here with a crew of 25 !! The entrance to Cochin with a different way to catch fish Two men engine pushing the boat
Lots of "wild" camels
Tea mountains Elephant power When coming closer to Oman we met a lot of oil tankers
The bus going up to the city of Asmara in Eritrea Lots of lovelt spices Five young boys in Eritrea The entrance to Suakin in Sudan
Street life in Port Sudan
The almost empty market in Suakin
Our guide in Suakin showing the mosque, the only unhurt building Different cultures, different dresses
Once Egypt must have been extremely rich
Bus station in Port Sudan Typical picture from Egypt - pyramids and a camel
Luxor in Egypt
Red Sea Canal with the pilot.......
.... hungry for dollars
In Aug 1998 finally back in Finike, Turkey, after 5 years