In 2008 we decided start sailing west again, slowly, again visiting the Greece islands during July and August.Then further west to Italy in September and October. Wintering in Malta from November-April 09.

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The still hot vulcano in Nisiros island, Cyklades, Greece In the bottom of the vulcano with hot spots smelling sulphur. The beautiful chora in Nisiros.
SW Kos Arriving to the small port named Skala in Astipalaia Gorgeous view from the chora in Astipalaia, Cyclades, Greece The castle and chora in Astipalaia
Gorgeous view from the chora in Astipalaia

One of the chapels in Astipalaia View from the chora to Cantana in the port Gorgeous Santorino
Santorino - what to say more Crew and Skipper with THE view! Santorino again ! Santorino !
Elafonisos - best sand beach in Greece? Koroni Turkish Tower and Turkish head in Methoni
Folegandros - lovely house colors
Maybe the most photographed view in Greece ? Levkas, Greece there Cantana 3 was stored winter 1989-90 One of those gorgeous rare nights at sea, en route to Sicily. Arriving to the lovely town of Siracusa, Sicily
Beautiful Siracusa - so very Italian (and talking with your hands). The vulcano Etna - thankfully sleeping
Modern cathedral Sankta Lucia (The Cone) and the old one Sankta Maria at piazza Duomo.
... spending the winter 2008/09 incl Xmas here.
Sailing in to Marsamxett harbour, Malta ..... ... meeting many many old beautiful buildings. Cheers for arriving Malta ....
Where will Cantana 3 sail us spring 2009 ?