In end April 2009 we left our winterberth in Malta and started sailing north towards Rome. First stop was Siracusa in Sicily, one of our favorites. After Rome we plan sail around Sicily and Sardinia.

Please visit (- Maps - User Position - SM6BXV) and find out our latest position.

What we did in Malta winter time - tennis and beer ! Great combination! Christina bar - our favorite in Siracusa where we (I) often had caff'e corretto and studied the life (girls?) with the locals. The vulcano Etna seen from sea side at sunset.
The funny boats for catching sword fish around Messina. Note: 3 guys in mast top! Lots of lovely dolphins Light winds - up with all sheets ! Beautiful Amalfi at Sorrento

Capri - where your soul gets freedom and space.

"Fantastico Roma"

The Vatican - and the Pope - unfortunately he was not at home welcoming us.

Naples (Napoli) - the most dirty city in Europe ? Or .......

Naples (Napoli) - but also one of the most beautiful ?

But Pompeii a highlight. Here some ruins with Vesuvius in the background.

Pompeii - lots of interesting wall paintings ! 2000 years old ideas how to have fun.

Isola di Nisida close to Naples.

Regatta start for Classical yachts, Gaeta to Monaco. Beautiful yachts ! Cantana is not Classical yet but the skipper ?.......hi

Lovely Gaeta, our base for 3 weeks in June, when exploring Rome and Naples.

Gaeta from the hill

Cantana 3 for winter rest from Aug 2nd in Crotone, Italy. New adventures waiting us in Brazil ! More info see next page.

Celebrating in Gaeta onboard Sy Scobo.